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Welcome to my site! I write on a variety of topics and to a variety of audiences. Although I try to write responsibly, there may be some posts that are targeted for specific audiences. Each post will be categorized, and the category for each post will appear at the bottom of the post. This will be a quick reference for you to know if you are interested in a particular post. Descriptions of the categories can be found on the About This Site page. If you are confused, outraged, bewildered, or bored with a particular category, I recommend that you not read future posts in that category. If you want to read my blog, simply click on the “Blog” tab. If you are new to the blogosphere, click on the ”Connect” tab.


Current Post: Simplify the Articles of Faith.


“Certainly there are as many kooks on the right as on the left. But what we need is a little more care in trying to find out what people really believe and how they really act, and a little less guilt by association and wild extrapolation.” —D. A. Carson