Posted by: Rodney Shaw | February 26, 2009

If you die, I will see you in heaven.

This is my twenty-third missions trip and my second trip to Cambodia. I have also taken several other trips out of the country for other reasons. Even so, today was a new experience for me. We had to change the schedule today because I was sick this morning. This has never happened to me while traveling overseas. I had a headache all night, and when I woke up this morning my stomach felt unsettled. I felt dizzy. It seemed like dehydration, which I have experienced before while traveling. I took some medicine for my headache and starting drinking water. This usually works.

Since I had awakened early to spend some time in preparation for the day, I laid back down, hoping to shake off the headache and the queasiness. I have done this successfully before, but it did not work today. I knew what lay ahead, including the potentially nauseating commute and a full day with no air conditioning.

I tried to call Brother Frizzell, but the phone would not work. I put on a robe and walked down the hall toward his room. His room is only five doors down, but I didn’t make it. Halfway down the hall, all the water I had been drinking began bubbling up like an artesian well. I rushed back to my room and. . .

Only my precious wife understands what a dramatic event this was.

Being sick in Asia will make one call on the name of the Lord, and not in vain. Being sick the day before one is scheduled to leave is an especially discomforting thought, for either one will not be able to go home as scheduled, or one will have to make the arduous journey while sick. If the symptoms are too bad, one could easily get quarantined at the airport. And there’s always the fear of having to seek medical care, which can be worse than the sickness. None of these outcomes is very appealing.

I tried the phone again and finally got it to work. I told Bro. Frizzell I could not teach and asked if he could take my sessions today, which I knew he could. Being the warm and loveable fuzz ball that he is, he brought me a bottle of Gatorade. He looked at me rather pathetically, and in his affectionate and gruff New York sort of way, said, “If you die, I will see you in heaven.” Without another word he turned and walked off.

What comfort.

I closed the door and went back to bed. He went and taught all our sessions. We went to the store last night and picked up peanut butter, jelly, chips, and bread for our lunch today. I missed out on that too.

It is now late afternoon, and I feel much better. I drank a diet Coke, which stayed down. I then ate some fruit, which stayed down. I even ventured to drink some coffee. I am not sure what was going on this morning, but I am thankful it is over. Bro. Frizzell thinks I was experiencing heat exhaustion. He said he used to get sick every time he came to Cambodia.

Tomorrow will be a long day. I will teach all of the sessions tomorrow and try to make up for today. We will probably conclude with an inspirational session. I will begin my journey home around midnight.



  1. No fans – please.
    It is not necessary when you adjust to the climate.
    Thank you anyway.

  2. This is awesome!

    Bro. Frizzell, I think we are having more fun with this than anything…what do you think about the fan thing? Maybe we should send you one!:)
    Oh, Great Diakonos reveal thyself!!

  3. Bro Shaw,

    Here’s a suggestion Kara made about buying a battery operated fan. It’s on e-bay right now if you want to purchase it for only $4.26. The description is below. Maybe Sis Shaw can get it for you. Or maybe Kara since she found it one-bay.

    Cartoon Mini Pocket Fan Battery Operated Handy Cooler
    Current price: GBP 4.26
    End time: Feb-27-09 03:27:16 PST
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  4. I liked the part some of the old ladies carry them.

    The light is at the end of the tunnel Diakonos, Bro. Shaw will tell us when he returns.

  5. Hi Kara. Are you still here?

    So explain to me about the battery operated fan. I’m sure Bro Shaw would like to know too. Wouldn’t you, Bro Shaw?

  6. This is getting to be a weird blog.

  7. Who are you Diakanononose? A lot of people are asking. Spill your identity.

  8. Hello, hello, anyone out there…?

    Kara, Bro Russell, Sis Shaw, Diakanononose yoohoo. Anyone?


    Sigh… 😦

  9. Bro Shaw,
    So sorry that you got sick and very glad that you are better. But it’s good to know that you have someone like Bro Frizzel who is so comforting to you at a time like this. Whew! So glad…

    Have a safe return! We pray for strength to endure the sessions and the long trip home in Jesus Name!

    Hmmm, not sure that California is really a missions trip, Kara. And a battery operated fan… What?

  10. Hannah and I will be praying for you! She loves her “shaw” as she calls you!

  11. Kara, didn’t you read it was like his 23rd trip and first one sick!:)

  12. Glad to hear you are better and that it was due to travel and not a bad virus. May the Lord bless your teachings that remain! Can’t wait to see you!

  13. yes.. but maybe somewhere on the west coast.
    like a cruscade in California or something.

  14. So sorry to hear you were sick, but am thankful you are feeling better. I appreciated the image of the artesian well.

    I loved Bro. Frizzel’s comment. Sounds like something you’d say to someone else. 🙂

    Blessings to you. I look forward to seeing you again.

    Kara, do you still want to go on a missions trip?

  15. Brother Shaw I am so sad that you got sick. When I read it, I immediately went to prayer.
    There are lots of people praying for you and asking God to take care of you and give you a safe trip home. We will all be glad when you get home. I will have to tell Hannah so she can pray for you too. She loves Brother Shaw.

  16. So sorry you have been so sick. We really KNOW what you are talking about. Only to be there is to know. I was not able to make it to church last night or we would have heard. I like this blog.
    Do take care, we will be happy to have you home.

  17. You have been so sick and we didn’t evne know it. Have been prying ro you. we will have to get the news more often. You can be sure we KNOW what you are talking about. Only to be there is to know. I’m sure you are up to your own perky self by now. We will be happy to have you home, and until then we are praying for you.

  18. Folks,
    If Rodney was very ill I would have taken him to the clinic. It was just due to jet lag, heat, and not enough fluids.
    A person needs more fluids here than in Texas.
    His face did not show severe illness.
    We have many visitors who come who face this the first couple of days and then proceed with their ministry.
    This morning the Cambodian ministers and we prayed before we began our sessions and felt a peace about this in the Spirit.

    Dont worry – we will make sure he is protected and cared for – I just don’t make a big thing about it, but I watch intently, listen carefully, and know what to look for when a person becomes ill.

  19. I have a comment that’s hanging out in limbo somewhere because I accidentally double clicked twice. Oh well. I’m praying for you Bro Shaw. Get home soon so Stacey can take care of you.
    You are brave anyway, even if you did get sick. In the future take a small battery operated fan with you when you go overseas.

  20. Bro shaw,
    I am so sorry to hear of your plague. Maybe in the future you might carry with you one of those portable batter operated fans. I’ve seen some of the old ladies carry them in warm services.
    Drink a ton of Gatorade; orange is my favorite.
    I will be praying for your safe return.
    Take a lot of pictures while your there to show us when you return!

  21. Oh My Dearest,
    I am SO sorry. I know how miserable that is…and no one to come and check on you every 30 minutes and bring you a diet coke with lime or a piece of toast or a wet rag for your head or to make sure you had enough blankets or whatever you needed! I’m glad you are better. As you can tell, there are many praying for you!

  22. I woke up praying for you this morning. I thought it was because it was the first time I saw your blog yesterday. I guess we can call it coincidence or maybe you just needed extra prayer cover. Either way, may God’s hand of blessing be upon you.

  23. Bro. Shaw,

    Being sick is one thing but being sick and away from home is totally different. We all sympathize with your situation but we know God is with you and you will overcome. It’s good to hear the realities of travel (heat – no air conditioning – don’t drink the local water – etc). You paint a picture that makes everyone think it’s just like home. Take a moment off of humbleness and let everyone know what it is really like for you and Pastor Bernard to make some of these trips. Then they will understand the sacrifice that is needed to go on a mission trip.

  24. I did not need to know this one. Touch himLord Jesus!

    Yes, it is Mom

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