Posted by: Rodney Shaw | February 26, 2009

Quick note

I had a big serving of Thai noodles for dinner and then took a tuk-tuk to the store. I then had a great night’s sleep. I feel wonderful this morning! (That’s rare for me, even at home.)

I am headed to breakfast and then to the seminar. I will be back to wrap up things later.

Kara, you are very kind, but I don’t need a fan.

Blessings — RS



  1. Bro Shaw,

    We’re very glad over there to know that you’re feeling much better! We’ll pray for your strength to endure the long journey home. We miss you!

    So, the tuk-tuk is a taxi, right? What did ya have for breakfast?

    Kara, like i said, Bro Shaw doesn’t need a fan.

  2. No…not Taylor

  3. No Bro Russell….wish he were!

  4. So glad you are feeling better and eating. You know what, if we believe God heals and we DO, then He can also, give you some help with this jet lag when you get home. He can do ALL things. Let’s ask!

    Love you,
    Mom and Dad

  5. Who haven’t we heard from yet. Brooke has to write – where is Taylor. Taylor must be Diakonos.

  6. Thai noodles – I thought you were in Cambodia. Sis. Shaw is Bro. Shaw home writing all of this.

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