Posted by: Rodney Shaw | February 27, 2009

Mission accomplished!

Today was a great day! Following up on my previous lessons, I taught for several hours on the new birth. We were trying to establish these ministers in the fundamental doctrine.

b-shaw-teachingThere was peanut butter and jelly left from yesterday, so we had sandwiches for lunch. Our plans were almost thwarted when Sister Frizzell realized she had not brought a spoon. In those conditions you do not want to use anything that you did not bring with you. I told her to act like a missionary and use what she had. She reached into her purse and retrieved her emery board. It made a wonderful knife.

It is often difficult to measure results in a situation like this. I realize that I am one small link in a very lb-baptism-2ong b-baptism-1chain. The difficult work takes place before I arrive and after I leave. Even so, we had great results! After the session on baptism, I asked who had not been baptized in Jesus’ name but was willing to be baptized in Jesus’ name. Nine people committed. After the lesson on the Holy Ghost, I asked who had not received the Holy Ghost. Several raised their hands. I closed with an appeal to be baptized today and to pray for the Holy Ghost. Brother Frizzell made some final remarks, and then we opened it up for prayer. Several received the Holy Ghost! We then took the nine down to the river and baptized them! (I declined to perform the baptisms because I did not want to deal with the parasites in the river water. Too, I thought it would be better if someone local did the baptizing.)

A final word
b-frizzell-and-interpreterMissionary work is grueling in a place like this. The work is physically, mentally, and spiritually exhausting. A simple trip to preach or to visit contacts takes a lot of money, a lot of time, and it wears down the body. Further, a missionary in these circumstances does not always know what he is working with. It is hard to know the backgrounds of all the ministers and where they stand on various points of doctrine. It is hard to know whether some other missionary with differing beliefs is coming in behind you, undermining what you are doing with the power of money. There is also the concern about what will happen when you go back to the United States to raise money, leaving the work unsupervised.

b-shacksEven still, missionaries like Robert and Gayle Frizzell are faithful. Year in and yeb-childar out. They work with preachers and leaders, one at a time. They also witness to store clerks, tuk-tuk drivers, hotel employees, and vendors at tourist attractions—one soul at a time.

I have been on several trips with Robert Frizzell. He loves Asians. I love Asians in thb-wrong-waye same way I love Europeans and Africans and Central Americans. Frizzell loves Asians like I love the people in my church. It is a deep, sincere, patient, and committed love. It is the love of a father for a child. It is the love of a missionary. He is serious about his work, and that’s why I take these trips. I want to help in whatever way I can. I am honored that God has allowed me to play a part.


Note: The motorcyles in the picture to the right all are on the wrong side of the road.



  1. So does this mean that you’re back home, Bro Shaw? You’re probably sleeping, Ben says.

    I guess this means we’ll see you mañana? Good thing cuz it’s been a chore for Bro Russell, Ben and me trying to keep Rich and Kara in line. Whew! So glad you’re back. haha


  2. Mom (me too) is happy you are going to be back in Austin soon. New Life isn’t the same without you…

  3. Thank you for the update Sis. Shaw. I was trying to guesstimate when he would be home.

  4. Thank You Bro Shaw for coming and sharing your ministry. We rejoice in the lives that were changed. We hope some day you will return and minister here again. And thank you Sis Shaw, perhaps, if possible, you and the family will be able to come visit us as well…you are always welcome.

    God Bless!
    Gayle Frzzell

  5. we are 12 hours into the future of NYC and 11 hours of Austin.
    when daylight savings time comes then we are 12 hours into the future of Austin

  6. Pix of the Baptisms

    Works good with Safari, Opera, Firefox…………
    I am not sure about iExplorer

    I have a Mac – no virus computer!

  7. Great blog and hope to have some time soon to come back and read more!

  8. hope you didnt get salmonella from that peanut butter….

  9. Hello All! He is in Seoul, Korea getting ready for the second and longest part of the journey home. His time is limited; so, probably won’t get to let you know at this point.

  10. I’m thrilled to hear about the 9 baptized in Jesus’ name and the several who received the Holy Spirit!

    Though your trip was arduous, it must be spiritually satisfying to know God used you to preach the truth and to lead others to receive such a blessing from God.

    God bless the Frizzells for their love and zeal for God’s work–and for Sister Frizzell’s emery board.

  11. Like my clock reads 10:32a.m. and it is 11:32 p.m. there.

  12. from what I could tell (and this may be wrong) it seems they are about 13 hours ahead of us.

  13. Um, by the way, Bro Russel, Kara, and Ben and me were trying to figure out on Wednesday night after church what time it was where you are. So, if it was 9p.m. over here what time is it over there?

    And now it is 9:12a.m. here so what time would that make it there? Are you sleeping or teaching?

  14. Bro Shaw,

    I’m glad that you were able to go to Cambodia so that we can see and follow you around (at least on some level) as you teach and touch lives of these precious people. What an awesome assignment!

    We are glad that you’re coming back soon though.

    We’ll just keep praying for these people that the seed you and the Frizzels have planted will grow and that those who come behind you will help them grow and reaffirm the gospel truth and nothing but the truth.

    So glad to hear that several received the Holy Spirit. What joyous news!

  15. Awesome!! Lives changed and touched.

  16. You are all blessed to do what you are doing and the lives you touch are also blessed by the ministry you provide. We all appreciate the hardships the missionaries face in their vision to save the lost souls of the world. That is why they are very special in the eyes of God. It does take a special love to do what they do.

    God Bless Pastor Shaw and Brother and Sister Frizzel. We will be praying for a safe trip home.

    Pastor Shaw – in your spare time did you catch up on your notes for the adult Bible study class.

  17. That was disgusting! UGH!

    Souls saved….that’s what it’s all about! Beautiful!

    Glad you’re fixing to be on your way back ’cause we miss you!

  18. Love it! Only a woman can improvise like that. What would you guys do without one? In this case, maybe just go hungry.

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