Posted by: Rodney Shaw | February 28, 2009

I Am Back

I am back home, safe and sound, and thankful for a good trip. I used the Cambodia trip to launch my blog site. I am not thoroughly certain why I did this, for this trip was not much different than many others I have taken. Although I thought friends and family might want to keep up with me while I was gone, I was equally motivated by a concern, I will stop short of calling it a fear, that technology is passing me by! So I think the blog also is my attempt to remain in touch in more ways than one way.

I was also becoming weary of certain people, and you know who you are, who continually berated me and New Life Church because our pastoral staff did not blog. (Blog is both a noun and a verb.) One such person, who will remain nameless at this time, was quick to tell me how 1990s we are and what a disservice it is for a church to be blogless. People need to be connected, and furthermore, they care. I was led to believe that everyone needed my blog. So to this criticism, I responded by starting a blog.

But I was deceived. Mr. Techno-Savvy—and now you know it was a man—who thinks every pastor ought to blog, has yet to post one comment on my blog. In fact, he has not so much as congratulated or thanked me for launching the blog. This proves that my blogging was not really the life support I was told it would be. No, I think Mr. TS was more concerned about his own image. He wanted to be able to tell friends and colleagues that his pastors blog. He has no intentions on ever entering the religious blogosphere; rather, he simply does not want the world to think that his pastors are simpletons who don’t know the difference between a blog and a glob. He wants a sophisticated pastorate.

Hence, I blog.

If you have subscribed to my feeds in order to follow me to Cambodia, you will also receive all future posts. As I state on my front page, I write on a variety of topics and to a variety of audiences, so you may or may not be interested in reading future posts. Each post will be categorized, and the category for each post will appear at the bottom of the post. This will be a quick reference for you to know if you are interested in a particular post. Descriptions of the categories can be found on the About This Site page. If you are confused, outraged, bewildered, or bored with a particular category, I recommend that you not read future posts in that category. If you are only interested in one of the categories, and there will be more to come, it is possible to customize your feed so that you only receive a particular category. See the Connect page for information. If you want to stop receiving feeds altogether, you can simply delete the feed entry and I will go away.



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  1. I have been reading your blogs and I think it’s great.
    Appreciate you and Sis Shaw. Truly blessed to have you both in our lives.

  2. 2 Comments, 1. Just because “someone” doesn’t leave a comment doesn’t necessarily mean that their not reading. Mr TS. probably uses a blogroll or reader that has pulled your feed and reads it in there. This is a fantastic blog, albeit a bit lengthy on the posts. I am positive that Mr. TS enjoys your brilliant writing style and commentary. 2. I am also equally positive that Mr. TS was successful in his endeavor to get your knowledgeable word out. Remember as always Mr. TS maybe doing work of the Lord. Most young people today digest alot of info quickly in this fashion. One final point for Mr. TS’s benefit, he probably works in the leading edge of this technology space. He certainly would not be impressing his co-workers (nor Boss) with the fact that you are using a technology 5 years old…

    Yours Truly,

  3. Happy to hear your trip went well!

  4. Welcome home. See you in the morning.

  5. I, for one, am glad you are blogging. It does allow me to hear from my friend more often and more than a one line text! You are now so up-to-date. 🙂

  6. Blogging for Dummies, had to be with me in mind.

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