Posted by: Rodney Shaw | July 15, 2009


Bill Shannon, skater and dancer with bilateral hip disorder

“You can call it dance if you want to, but, I mean, as a kid, I wasn’t going around. . . I’m dancing right now. All I was doing was figuring out my way to get up the stairs without anybody seeing me. . . .If you’re skating down the street, you aren’t like following exactly what the next person is doing, because there may not even be a next person. So you’re relating to your environment as it comes to you on an improvisational, free-style basis. You are taking in what’s thrown at you in the best way you can, and you involve your skills in that manner.”

What is your excuse for not getting the job done?




  1. This isn’t related to your last blog post title is it? ha.

    Very inspiring!

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