Posted by: Rodney Shaw | January 13, 2011

Questions to Help Christians Make Entertainment Choices

  1. Can I maintain my Christian witness and engage in this activity?
  2. Can I glorify God in this activity?
  3. Can I invoke the blessings of God, praying in the name of Jesus, for my involvement in this activity?
  4. Does this activity leave me feeling as if I have compromised my values?
  5. Would I be comfortable inviting my spiritual mentor to engage in this activity with me?
  6. Does this activity promote godly attitudes and behaviors?
  7. Do I leave this activity more or less equipped for the spiritual life?
  8. Does this activity appeal to my carnal nature, i.e., the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, or the pride of life?
  9. Does this activity portray, promote or condone behaviors, attitudes or philosophies which are condemned in the Bible?
  10. Do I feel guilty, like I am violating my conscience, or the need to repent after I have engaged in this activity?
  11. Am I committed to ceasing my involvement in any activity which turns out to be in violation of biblical principles, including but not limited to turning off a device or walking out of a venue?
  12. How does my commitment of time and resources to this activity compare to my commitment to spiritual disciplines and participation in the life of the church?


  1. These questions have application beyond entertainment. Indeed they serve as a guide for any activity in which one would partake.

  2. What a tremendous blog/website and this post lists some excellent questions.

    It really forces you to think/analyze your choices. I feel better calibrated already.



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