About This Site

I am surrounded by many loving people who are sometimes interested in keeping up with me. That’s why I have a blog. You are welcome to read my blog and leave a response.

This site features blog entries as well as archived articles that I have written which were published in magazines. The blog entries are archived by category and date in the sidebar. The archived articles typically are not posted as blog entries for many reasons, although they are archived using the same categories. In some instances I will post a blog entry that is also an article being printed in a current issue of a magazine. In these instances, I will post the blog entry and archive the article.

I will write on a variety of topics. Some posts will be personal, for family and friends; some will be inspirational; some will appeal to my church family; some will appeal to ministers. Although I will write responsibly, there may be some posts that are targeted for specific audiences. I will categorize posts and articles so it will be easy for readers to discern the intended audience.

Here is a brief description of the categories:

Christian Living features posts and articles about various aspects of the Christian life. This is a general category that may include humor, spirituality, wit, and even some theology.

Leader’s Page is intended for pastors and church workers. It is a periodic post which discusses leadership, followership, teamwork, and things related to working together.

Leadership includes articles on leadership, followership, and teamwork which are not included in the Leader’s Page.
My Travels posts will be made while I am traveling. I do not travel much, although I do enjoy traveling. Many of my friends and family want to keep up with me when I am gone, so this seems to be an easy way to keep in touch.  I travel both for leisure and work. There are many times when I will be unable to post entries when I travel for various reasons. Accordingly, these blogs are not a detailed journal of all my travels.

News and Politics is a broad category which includes just about anything one might see in the daily news.

Pentecostalism includes articles and posts that focus on the history, polity, and theology of Oneness Pentecostalism. There may be some overlap with the Theology category.

Preachers and Preaching is for ministers and discussing things relevant to vocational ministry.

Reviews will include reviews of books, training resources, DVDs, Web sites and the like.

Theology features articles and posts with a more direct theological focus.

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