I have written numerous articles which have been printed in various publications. I have made some of these available here. They are categorized using the same categories as the blog posts to make it easier for you to locate articles that may interest you. See the “About This Site” page for a description of the categories. 


Christian Living

The Sky Is Not Falling

Hazardous Waste

No More Latte

Trying To Be a Christian



Christians and Culture


Leadership (For additional articles on leadership see the “Leader’s Page.”

Fact of Conflict, The


Leaders Need Double Vision

Shared Ministry

Ten Principles of Engaging Conflict

Vision Spiral, The



Democracy and Azusa 

What Is Christianity?, Part 1

What Is Christianity?, Part 2

What Is Christianity?, Part 3

What Is Christianity?, Part 4

What Is Christianity?, Part 5


Preachers and Preaching

I Tore It Up

I Wore a Collar

Sir, We Would See Jesus



Communion and Footwashing

Is Love a Reason for a Trinity?



American Babylon by Richard John Neuhaus

“Becoming a Great Staff” (DVD) by Andy Stanley

Christ & Culture by H. Richard Niebuhr

Christ & Culture Revisited by D. A. Carson

Followership by Barbara Kellerman and Art of Followership, The by Ronald E. Riggion, et al.

New Breed, The by Jonathan McKee and Thomas W. McKee

Reason for God, The by Timothy Keller

Resources on Culture

“Trust Vs. Suspicion” (DVD) by Andy Stanley

Why We’re Not Emergent by Kevin DeYoung and Ted Kluck


Symposium papers

“Oneness Perspective on Initial Evidence, A” (1997)

“Priesthood of All Believers: Seeking a Viable Pentecostal Ecclesiology, The” (2007)

“Subsequence and Oneness Pentecostal Pneumatology” (1996)

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