What Do You Believe?

This anonymous survey is intended for United Pentecostal Church ministers licensed in North America, including those who are serving abroad. Others are welcome to participate, but the survey is written for this audience. A working knowledge of the UPCI Manual is required to take this survey, so participants may want to have their Manual available before starting the survey.

This survey is intended to continue the conversation that has been carried out on The survey is not meant to be inflammatory or divisive; it merely seeks to identify beliefs within particular demographic sets. The survey consists of 70 questions and takes approximately 20 minutes to complete, depending on one’s familiarity with the UPCI Manual.

The rules for participating in this survey are as follows: (1) Participants should be honest and not attempt to skew the data. (2) Sarcasm, humor, and dishonesty are not permissible. (3) Participants should only take the survey once. (4) By proceeding to the survey you agree to these terms.

THE SURVEY IN ANONYMOUS. There is no way to identify those who take the survey. If someone belongs to a very small district, it might be possible to identify him based on his age and particular views, assuming that his views are different from the majority in his district who are the same age and assuming that his views are well known. But this is unlikely to a problem, for if his views are already known to the extent that he could be identified by his age and district, then his views are already public and there is no risk in taking the survey. However, if one feels a need for additional anonymity, the district field can be left blank. This eliminates any possibility of linking a respondent to a district.

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